Circumventing The Rules And Ranking High In The SERP

When I was in High School, I used to be the leader of the guys who were always up to some hanky-panky businesses in the campus. Yet, I always get caught. Likewise, if there was a commotion inside the campus, I was always the prime suspect. The main reason I oftentimes got caught is that I didn’t know the rules of the school. Hence, I wasn’t in the best position to circumvent the school rules.

Similarly, if you want to engage in some hanky-panky tricks on how to topple almighty Google and make your website rank high in the search engine page results (SERP), you really got to know what the rules of Google are, and you should thoroughly understand why Google rank one website higher, and another website lower. You should therefore try to make a paradigm shift and espouse the paradigm of almighty Google to understand Google better. In that way, you will feel how Google feels, and you will know and predict the likes and dislikes of Google.

What Pleases Google?

Google, just like any other entity in this world, is like a human person. Google wants to see something in a website that would prod it to rank that website high in the SERP. If Google, for example, like quality links, then you should spruce up your website with quality links—and surely Google wants to see those quality links. Hence, you already have a good idea on how you are going to fashion out your website in such a way that your website will merit high ranking. It is like anticipating your enemy’s movement.

Say, for instance, I got a friend in San Francisco, who was desirous of making his website rank high in the Google page results. He already had a highly interactive business website. However, it seemed that his website didn’t have the ability to draw searchers and clients to his business, and so he asked my advice, and I willingly obliged myself and gave him the perfect advice—to hire an expert in SEO in San Francisco City. At first, I had to convince him of the merits of SEO. In the end, he hired an SEO expert, and eventually, his website reached the top ranking which translated to more inquiries on his business. The SEO expert built for his website elaborate networks of links to high PR sites. Google seemed to be so much pleased with these networks of links, and within a month, his website catapulted to the top of the ranking. “Miracle,” others would say; yet, it was simply a case of knowing the rules of the game. Likewise, it was simply anticipating what Google really wanted to see.

Yet, there are always the concomitant risks involved in circumventing and bending some rules. If the authorities would discover that you are up to some dirty tricks, you will surely be slapped with penalties. Similarly, if Google finds that you are circumventing some rules to attain higher ranking, your website might end up with penalties. An SEO expert would surely minimize the risks involved; and hence, in the building of link networks, he would surely see to it that Google will deem the building of your link networks natural and organic.

SEO Location

Although many businesses that are looking for SEO services will not appreciate that where that SEO service is located, may make a difference, it sometimes can. The job of an SEO is to manipulate the content of a website in order to ensure that it is noticed by search engines and hence the name SEO (search engine optimization) but the criteria that search engines go by often differs from region to region and so the nest SEO to know the full criteria of searches in your area, is a local SEO specialist. A smart SEO Agency Los Angeles will know all of the minor criteria which are applied by the search engines in the Los Angeles area and that just may the difference from appearing at the top of a search listing, instead of somewhere further down.

Of course though, getting a business’s website to appear at the top of any search listings is just one aspect of SEO, there are others. One of the other aspects which SEO specialists deal with is link building. Link building is where you place a link to your business’s website, in content which is then placed on a host website and as people read that content on another site, they will hopefully use the link to arrive at your site, thereby increasing the number of visitors your site receives. One of the main factors in creating successful building is in the choice of site sites which are used. It is perhaps essential that a host website will be of interest to the same people that will be interested in your site but that host website should also receive a large number of visitors. Every visitor that the host site receives is a potential visitor to your site and so also a potential new customer and so the more visitors the host site receives, the better it is for your business. PPC (pay per click) is a popular means of advertising on the internet but should you opt to use this, there are several options as to which type to use. A smart and well experienced SEO specialist will be able to advise you as to which particular type of PPC is in your best interests.

As obtaining higher ranking in the search engine result listings depends very much on a search engine’s criteria, when that criteria changes, so may your ranking in the list of results. You will therefore have to monitor the number of visitors to your site on a regular basis in order to notice if any changes have occurred however, many of the better SEO services will offer long term plans and if you opt for one of these, that potential problem is resolved. When you agree to a long term plan with your SEO specialist, they will monitor the number of visitors to your site and the search engines to see if they have made any changes. When a change does occur in the search engine criteria, the SEO will automatically make any changes to your site necessary to maintain your ranking.

Finding an SEO

Many web site owners are now finding out that it is no longer just enough to have a web site on the internet, they also have to take steps to ensure that that their web site receives visitors. One of the best ways to ensure that a web site is visited often, is to have it placed on the first page of any relevant web searches that are made and even better if their site is listed at or near the top of that first page. When someone makes a search on the internet they are obviously looking for something to do with what they are searching for and so, when they receive the listing of search results, they will look for what they need. It has been shown that in 80% of searches carries out, the searcher either finds what they want on the first page of results or decides that they have to refine their search and start a new one, either way it means that if your site isn’t placed on that first page, it will probably go unseen. Of those that only look at the first page, it is estimated that more than half find what they are looking for in the first half of the page and so getting your site listed near the top of the first page of searches is crucial in order to gain good visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves using certain strategies to manipulate a site into being placed at least near the top of the first page of relevant searches and the people that know and use these strategies are known as SEO specialists and their services are becoming more and more popular with site owners. You can visit in order to get a full description of what these specialists can do for you and your site but in brief, not only can they advise you what is needed to get your site ranked highly on web searches but they can also attract visitors from other sites, some of which are popular and have extremely large numbers of visitors. They will also be able to advise you and perhaps assist you in taking the most advantage of the continued increase in the popularity of the different social media. Some of these strategies they may be able to undertake for you whilst others may only be in the form of advice which you will have to follow up on in order to obtain the advantage of the different SEO strategies.

All too often, a site owner will only use an SEO consultant on a single occasion in order to get their site a high ranking on searches but, as the different search engine owners are in competition, they often change the criteria an engine uses for searches which means that rankings can change. SEO consultants are aware of what and when changes are made and so if one is hired on a long term plan, they will advise you as to what changes may be needed and when they are needed by in order to maintain a high ranking.